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Syedur's WrestlinG StufF
 Bret Hitman Hart Entrance Music WWF 
 Bret Hart Entrance Music WCW
 Bret Hitman Hart Picture
 Degeneration X Entrance Music
 Kane Entrance Music
 Hulk Hogan Entrance Music
 Owen Hart Entrance Music (old)
 Under Taker Entrance Music

Wrestling sux, and thats the bottom line cause syedur said so. I stopped watching wrestling about a year ago, when I discovered, that its become dull, boring and totally crappy. I made this page long ago, and i uploaded it coz i had nothing better to do when i was on line. The fact that its fake does not matter, but the way the organizers poorly utilize their actors, with the stupidest scripts really makes me sick.
Both WWF (We Wrestle Fake) and WCW (We Cant Wrestle) are totally bullshit organizations, who will do anything for ratings. I cant imagine how other people stand them any longer.